Light Units

LCN offers a range of professional nail lamps designed to cater to the needs of Nail Techs and Foot Health Practitioners. Our Perfect Curve 36w Light unit is an extremely popular choice, especially when it comes to curing UV gels on toes. This LED unit is ergonomically curved to fit perfectly to hands and feet, and has 18 ideally placed LEDs, automatic sensor function, and 2 timer intervals of 30 seconds or 60 seconds. It’s lightweight and perfect for both manicures and pedicures.

For those looking for even more speed and flexibility, we have our SkyPro Lamp. This sensational LED unit has an adjustable automatic timer with 14 high-performance LEDs, guaranteeing exceptionally fast curing in only 60 seconds. It also offers 2 additional time interval settings of 15 and 30 seconds for added flexibility. The moveable hand rest makes it easy to slide the hand in and out of the unit, helping to prevent wiping gel off.

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