Bonding Gel

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Professional Bonding Gels For Nails

LCN UK offers a wide range of high-quality professional bonding gels for nails. Our nail bonders are perfect for creating beautiful nails that stand the test of time. These gels are specially formulated to bond the natural nail plate and the artificial nail extension. They provide a strong, durable and long-lasting bond between the two surfaces. Bonding gels are available in different viscosities and colours, and for working with different building mediums. Whatever your client’s specific requirements, you are sure to find everything you need from the LCN UK range. For example, our AFO (All For One) Nail Foundation is an innovative gel system for nails that tend towards lifting. A popular bonding gel, the AFO Foundation works as the perfect bonding enhancer to use before beginning to sculpt the nail. You might also love our best-selling Ultra Bond gel which harnesses nano-technology and new chemistry to guarantee optimal nail bonding without the addition of acid. It’s the perfect all-purpose bonding gel and is compatible with all LCN gel modelling systems.

Bonding Gel That Is Ready For Anything

Bonding gel for nails is a must-have in any nail technician’s kit. But which bonding gel should you choose? LCN UK has a range of gels that are ready to tackle any task. If you are a nail technician who is already an LCN regular then you are probably familiar with the wonder that is Wilde-Pedique – the builder gel made with extra fortified strength and flexibility for toenails. Connex Silver Plus is the perfect air drying bonding gel to use with Wilde-Pedique (or any other LCN gels for that matter). Connex Silver Plus is antibacterial and antifungal to ensure optimal nail health when adhering the gel to the nail plate. You might also love our best-selling Bio Bond gel, which is formulated for the natural nail.

You might also be interested in our Builder Gel which is an essential part of a nail technician’s kit. Or if you are looking to add a burst of colour, then take a look at our beautiful Colour & Effect Gels.