Discover LCN Sculpting Gels – the ideal choice for natural-looking, non-toxic, and long-lasting nail extensions. With no soaking off required, these non-porous, non-yellowing gels protect and beautify your nails. Whether applied as an overlay or sculpted into a full set, our hard gel formula ensures lasting results without damaging your natural nails.

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Welcome to our collection of LCN Sculpting Gels – the ultimate choice for achieving natural-looking, long-lasting, and healthy nail extensions. These remarkable sculpting gels are specially formulated to be non-porous, non-yellowing, and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring your nails stay beautiful and vibrant.

Why choose LCN Sculpting Gels? Not only are they gentle on your natural nails, but they also eliminate the need for soaking off, saving you time and effort during maintenance. With  superior gels such as our popular Sculpture Gel in Clear, you can enjoy extended periods between infills, keeping your nails flawless for longer.

LCN Sculpting Gels are the go-to nail enhancement option, whether you want a simple overlay or a full set of beautifully sculpted nails. As a hard gel, it requires the skilful use of a brush to be expertly molded and shaped. Whether applied over your natural nails or using a nail form, you can create and define your own unique nail style with ease.

Indulge in the artistry of LCN Sculpting Gels and experience the joy of stunning, resilient nails that complement your individuality. Explore our diverse range of shades and unlock the potential of your nails with LCN Sculpting Gels.