Welcome to our exquisite collection of LCN French Look Gels, where timeless elegance meets modern flair. Elevate your manicures and pedicures with the captivating beauty of French nails using our renowned FM Pearl White F and Extra White Colour Gel pots – favored by nail enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Create Picture-Perfect French Nails:

Achieving the iconic French look has never been easier. Our FM Pearl White F and Extra White Colour Gel pots are the ultimate secret to crafting stunning French manicures and pedicures. With their exceptional pigmentation and smooth texture, you can effortlessly create the classic French tips that exude sophistication and style.

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Enhanced French UV Gel for Impeccable Finish:

Completing the perfect French nails requires nothing less than perfection. That’s why our  French UV gels plays a crucial role in achieving the flawless finishing touch. Their precise formulas ensures seamless blending and adds the ideal touch of finesse to your French look.

Unmatched Coverage with Thin Layer Application:

Experience the power of our French UV gel’s strong coverage even with a thin layer. This remarkable feature not only saves time but also enhances the durability of your French nails, ensuring they remain immaculate for longer periods.