Nudes & French Gels

Welcome to our enchanting collection of LCN Nude and French Look Colour Gels – a palette of sophistication and beauty. Elevate your nail artistry with our exquisite range of colours designed to complement any style or occasion.

Indulge in the timeless elegance of nude nails with our curated selection of Nude Colour Gels. From soft and subtle tones to warm and inviting shades, our collection offers a diverse range of options that effortlessly enhance your natural beauty. Embrace the versatility of nude nails, perfect for everyday wear or adding a touch of refined charm to any ensemble.

Step into the realm of classic chic with our French Look Colour Gels. Whether you prefer the traditional white tips or wish to explore a myriad of creative designs, our colour gels empower you to redefine the classic French manicure.

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The LCN Advantage:

At LCN, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation. Our Nude and French Look Colour Gels are formulated in Germany with precision, ensuring effortless application and long-lasting results. The highly-pigmented formulations offer impeccable coverage, while the smooth textures facilitate seamless blending, allowing you to express your creativity with ease.

Embrace the allure of understated elegance or unleash your creativity with captivating French designs.