Wilde-Pedique for Toe Nails

Introducing Wilde-Pedique, the ultimate solution for achieving beautiful and healthy toenails. This UV sculpting gel system is specifically developed for toenails. The highly elastic formula provides a smooth flow that ensures easy and precise application. LCN Wilde-Pedique UV sculpting gel allows for correcting deformities, disguising discoloration, and reshaping the nails to give you the perfect look. To top it off, the formula is acid-free and not only improves the aesthetic appearance of your nails but also takes care of their health. How? Wilde-Pedique gels contain special antimycotic ingredients that effectively prevent nail infections and reduce the spread of germs, ensuring the overall well-being of your nails. 

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Wilde-Pedique Gel

Wilde-Pedique is designed with maximum flexibility, high occlusion and anti-fungal properties specifically to look after toenails. The silver-plus UV gel resin is available in five different colours so there’s something to suit every skin tone and palette. Choose from clear, pink, opak (a milky colour that helps to hide discolouration), pastel (a mixture of pink and opak) and natural beige. The latter, natural beige makes a popular choice for men and darker skin tones. Also Wilde-Pediseal is the ideal supplementary product for the highly elastic Wilde-Pedique Plus. Experience the wonders of Wilde-Pedique and help clients walk away with confidence in their feet!

Maximise adhesion of Wilde-Pedique and other LCN gels to the nail plate with Connex Silver Plus, an air-drying bonding agent. It also features the inclusion of Piroctone Olamine and colloidal micro silver, providing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

Wilde-Pedique Toenail Reconstruction

Help your clients say goodbye to unsightly toenails and hello to confidence with Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus, a gel system that not only improves the appearance of your nails but also takes care of their health. As the only gel on the market with an anti-fungal element, LCN Wild-Pedique is perfect for those needing complete or partial toenail reconstruction, as well as regular pedicures. Training with us at LCN on one of our Wilde-Pedique training courses will equip you with everything you need to give your clients confidence in their feet again. After the one day training course, you’ll receive a certificate to prove your qualification. And you’ll be able to start earning back your investment immediately, with everything you need to get going included in the Wilde-Pedique Pro Kit. 

For nail technicians and salons, kick off your Wilde-Pedique journey with Gel Pedicure course. For Podiatrists and Foot Health Professionals the LCN Wilde-Pedique Toenail Reconstruction course will help transform patients’ feet.  You’ll be taught by experts who have been successfully using Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus for many years and who are happy to share their experiences and knowledge with you. Fill out a course enquiry to find out about training opportunities near you, or get in touch if you have any questions. And if you love being the first to know about the latest deals, tips and tricks, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter (you’ll get 10% off your next order). 

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