Anti Ageing Fiber NailTech, ‘Nude’ – 10ml – Brush on Builder Gel

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10ml – Nude Coloured Brush on Builder Gel

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Anti Ageing Fiber NailTech is the new high-tech product for all customers who want proactive ageing prevention. The practical bottle product with integrated professional brush combines adhesion and easy assembly in one. Contained fine fiberglass particles strengthen the nail and offer support. The product is a real vitamin bomb and additionally provides hyaluronic acid for more nail tension, moisture and elasticity. The light nude colouring perfectly covers unevenness and nail discolouration.

Preventive measures to slow down and counteract the ageing process have become essential in the cosmetics industry. While products for the face, body, hands, and hair are well-known, the ageing of nails is often overlooked. As individuals age, nail grooves become visible, and the elasticity and resilience of the nails decrease. Many customers, especially as they grow older, experience issues such as lifting, dry cuticles, and brittle nail plates.

Addressing these concerns, LCN’s research and development department has created a remarkable solution tailored specifically to this target group. Introducing Anti Ageing Fiber NailTech, a cutting-edge high-tech product designed for customers seeking proactive ageing prevention. This practical bottle product features an integrated professional brush, combining excellent adhesion and easy application in one. It contains fine fiberglass particles that strengthen the nails and provide essential support. Moreover, this product acts as a vitamin-rich formula and includes hyaluronic acid, offering increased nail tension, moisture, and elasticity. The light nude colouring flawlessly conceals unevenness and nail discolouration.



Gently massage a thin layer of the Anti Ageing Fiber NailTech onto the nail, ensuring complete coverage of the nail edge, and then cure it (60 sec. using an LED light device // 120 sec. using a UV tube light device). Follow this by applying a second, more saturated layer, allowing it to float and then cure.

Target group: Customers aged 35 and above, interested in proactive ageing prevention with a vitamin complex.


Combines adhesion and structural support Stabilises the natural nail with a lightweight structure


Vitamin A complex Hyaluronic acid Collagen Fiberglass particles



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