Why Christmas gifts for clients is a good idea

Christmas gifts for your clients, a good idea or not?

You do realise that we are approaching that time of year again don’t you? However, as a business, you need to be on it and ordering your Christmas gifts well in advance. You can retail them, of course, but do you also give them away free as a little thank you to your customers?

It does feel like we’ve all become conditioned to think that we should give gifts on any occasion. The result is that we do it because we feel we must rather than because we want to. When it comes to this time of year, a lot of us feel it’s an obligation and it’s easy to miss the point.

A gift is something given willingly to someone without payment.

We’re obviously teaching you to suck eggs here but it’s worth remembering what this is really all about.

If you are thinking about giving gifts to your clients, it has to be because you want to, not because you feel you have to. Just remember (like you’d ever forget!) that there is a cost involved and no immediate monetary return. You will find it hard to know what effect this will have on client loyalty, repeat business and your return on investment the following year but it can only be positive. Who doesn’t love to receive a gift when you least expect it? A gift to say thank you for your loyalty this past year. A gift to say that you value your clients and want to reward them because you appreciate their custom.

You may not be able to quantify a return but a little thank you will go along way. Notwithstanding, isn’t it always a great feeling to give someone a a gift? And it’s not the value that counts, it’s the thought after all.

Have an LCN Christmas!

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